What Really Makes Us Happy?

Welcome to Discovery Children’s Church, online, Sunday March 29, 2020.

Today’s lesson includes the following: Video, Family Discussion Questions, Worship Song, Games and Activities, Devotional Challenge, and Memory Verse. (The 2/3 Nursery Lesson Story for today can be found Here)

When something good happens or you get something you want, BOOM You’re Happy, but only for a short time. There is something better than being happy, there is JOY in Jesus. Let’s watch this video together and see what the Konnect HQ team learns about being happy and joy.

Today’s Video:

Family Discussion Questions :

  1. If your friends helped you make a video, what would it be about? Discover more about each other.
  2. What is the difference between being happy and being full of Joy? Does everyone know the difference.
  3. How can you have JOY even when it is hard to be happy? Any idea is welcome here.

Worship Song:

Games and Activities:


  • “It is a sad and solemn time” game. Sit across from someone if there are only two, or sit in a circle and face each other. One at a time you must say while looking around at each other “It is a sad and solemn time” and give your saddest face. The first person who smiles or laughs is out.
  • Create a joy emoji. Have your parent or guardian take a photo of it and then share on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #202903RootedKids
  • Joy Experiment. You will need an empty water bottle, vinegar, balloon, spoon, and baking soda. 1. Fill empty water bottle about a 1/3 of the way with vinegar. This represents the Holy Spirit. 2. scoop a spoonful of baking soda into the funnel to fill the inside of the balloon. This represents our time getting to know God. 3. Attach the balloon to the plastic water bottle filled with vinegar. The Ballon is us. 4. Slowly lift up the balloon and watch what happens next. The Holy Spirit fills us with joy when we spend time getting to know God. Joy comes from being with God which means you can be joyful even in unhappy moments.

This Week’s Devotional Challenge:

  • God created us with emotions and feelings. Some feel good and others, not so great. Take some time each day to start a habit of reading a devotional this week about feelings. Try doing this as a family.
  • Go To YouVersion Bible App, click on reading plans, search for “Dealing with Feeling”
  • If you do not have the app go here: www.go2.lc/KonnectBiblePlans and click on “Dealing with Feeling”
  • Have your parent or guardian share a photo of a picture you drew about the devotion or post the verse for the devotion on facebook or instagram and hashtag it #202903RootedKids

Memory Verse:

James 5:13 NLT “Are any of you happy? You should sing praises.”
Thank you for joining us today and taking part in the children’s time. I encourage parents and guardians to take part with their children throughout the week and do the devotional challenge together as a family.