Our Best isn’t Good Enough, But God’s Grace is!

Welcome to Discovery Children’s Church, online, Sunday April 19, 2020.

Today’s lesson includes the following: Video, Family Discussion Questions, Worship Song, Games and Activities, Devotional Challenge, and Memory Verse. (The 2/3 Nursery Lesson Story for today can be found Here)

Sometimes people say, “Follow your heart.” But, the choices our hearts make do not always measure up to God’s perfect way. Let’s watch this video together and see what the Konnect HQ team learns about God’s grace.

Today’s Video:

Family Discussion Questions :

  1. What kind of pet do you think is the snuggliest? Discover more about each other.
  2. Sometimes people say “follow your heart” when is this a bad idea, when is it a good idea? Defining the important points.
  3. How can we check and see if we are following God’s way or our own way? Action Steps.

Worship Song “Undefeated”:

Practice learning the words to this song, have your parents play this song every day this week!


Games and Activities:

  • Follow what I say. Get a piece of paper and a pencil for each person. Without showing anyone (even face back to back) draw a simple random drawing using simple shapes, circles, lines, etc. Take turns, without looking the first person explains what to draw to the others using their words. Explain using words such as – Draw a circle in the middle of the page, draw a curvy line diagonal across the page. draw a small square under the circle, etc.  Compare the original drawing to the other’s who tried to draw it. These copies of drawings are kind of like life. Even with God’s law to follow our human hearts can still get it wrong. We can be thankful we have God’s grace when we
  • Make a Frog, any frog with paper or other items you have at your house. Find a nice rock outside and print the letters: FROGGIE–“Fully Rely On God’s Grace In Everything”. Put the Frog with the Rock on a spot, not you have pet frog that reminds you to rely on God’s Grace. Have your parent or guardian take a photo of it and then share on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #201904RootedKids
  • Special Video for parents on teaching grace to children. Grace is not an easy concept to grasp. Here is a video for parents from Pursue God ministries on how parents can show grace every day. Click Here

Devotional Challenge:

  • We’ve got to check our hearts and see if they’re leading us God’s way before we follow them. How do we know God’s way? By spending time in his Word the Bible and learning more each day about his way. Take some time each day to start a habit of reading a devotional this week about Grace. Try doing this as a family.
  • Go To YouVersion Bible App, click on reading plans, search for “God’s Grace” (it is 11 days long). If you do not have the app go here: www.go2.lc/KonnectBiblePlans and click on “God’s Grace”
  • Have your parent or guardian share a photo of a picture you drew about the devotion or post the verse for the devotion on facebook or instagram and hashtag it #201204RootedKids

Memory Verse:

Romans 3:23 NIRV “Everyone has sinned, no one measures up to God’s glory.”

You guys did a great job on your projects last week. Thanks for sharing a few of them.


Thank you for joining us today and taking part in the children’s time. I encourage parents and guardians to take part with their children throughout the week and do the devotional challenge together as a family. 
Paula Augustine