What Things do People Worship? – Discovery Church

Welcome to Discovery Children’s Church, online, Sunday May 17, 2020.

Today’s lesson includes the following: Video, Family Discussion Questions, Worship Song, Games and Activities, Devotional Challenge, and Memory Verse. The nursery story can be found here

Are you having a good day? Worship God! Are you having a bad day? Worship God. Let’s watch this video together and see what the Konnect HQ team learns about putting God first and worshipping God all the time.

Today’s Video:

Family Discussion Questions :

  1. If you had a free day to do anything in the world, what would you do? Discover more about each other.
  2. When is something an idol? Defining the important points.
  3. What might distract you from putting God first this week, how can I keep God first? Action Steps.

Worship Song Greater is He

Practice learning the words to “My God is Greater”, have your parents play this song every day this week!


Games and Activities:

  • God First Poster. Get a blank piece of paper and markers or other things to color or draw. One way to keep good things from distracting us from God is to make room for Him, first!  Write “God” in huge letters on the sheet. Take up as much space as you can with the letters. Draw or write things you enjoy in the spaces around “God.” God gave us so many good things, and that’s great! But when they are more important to us than God, they’re like distracting idols. Keep God first! Worship Him only!
  • Write out your favorite Psalm of worship and decorate the page. Hang it where you will see it each morning. Have your parent or guardian take a photo of it and then share on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #201705RootedKids

Devotional Challenge:

  • We’ve got to check our hearts and see if they’re leading us God’s way before we follow them. How do we know God’s way? By spending time in his Word the Bible and learning more each day about his way. Take some time each day to start a habit of reading a devotional this week about Grace. Try doing this as a family.
  • Go To YouVersion Bible App, click on reading plans, search for “God’s Grace”. If you do not have the app go here: www.go2.lc/KonnectBiblePlans and click on “A Week of Worship”
  • Have your parent or guardian share a photo of a picture you drew about the devotion or post the verse for the devotion on facebook or instagram and hashtag it #202604RootedKids

Memory Verse:

Luke 4:8 NIV “Worship the Lord your God and worship him only.”