The Truth About Me – Chosen

Welcome to Discovery Children’s Church, online, July 12, 2020.

Today’s lesson includes the following: Video, Family Discussion Questions, Worship Song, Games and Activities, Devotional Challenge, and Memory Verse. The nursery story can be found here

It can be easy to believe lies you might think in your head, “no one picks me”. But, believe God’s truth, God picked you to follow Jesus and be a part of his family. Let’s watch this video together and see what the Konnect HQ team learns about being chosen.

Today’s Video:

Family Discussion Questions :

  1. What kind of disguise would you wear? Discover more about each other.
  2. How do you feel when others choose you to be on their team or to play with you, how do you feel when others do not want you to play with them? Defining the important points.
  3. Think of others you know who may feel left out. What can you do this week to show them God chooses them? Action Steps.

Worship Song: For Your Glory

Practice learning the words to “For Your Glory”, have your parents play this song every day this week!

Practice the Dance moves here:

Games and Activities:

  • Truth or Trash, For Younger kids. An older teen or adult can say a statement such as “I am loved” If it is a truth the children put their hands over their heart and repeat the truth. If it is a lie, such as “I am stupid” they can stand up and shout “Thats a lie!” and not repeat the phrase. For older kids: Everyone needs a piece of paper torn into smaller cards. Share a thought about yourself, especially one they may have thought that week, such as I am loved, or I am stupid. If it is a truth place it over their heart and say it out loud. If it is a lie they can crumple it up and throw it as far away or in the trash!

Devotional Challenge:

  • Go To YouVersion Bible App, click on reading plans, search for “Truth or Trash-Konnect”. If you do not have the app go here: and click on “Truth or Trash”
  • Have your parent or guardian share a photo of a picture you drew about the devotion or post the verse for the devotion on facebook or instagram and hashtag it #EACRootedKids

Memory Verse:

Ephesians 1:4 NLT, “Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.”