EA Update – Nov. 2nd

EAC family, below is the most recent update from El Ayudante about tropical storm Eta:

“Thank you all for your prayers for Honduras weathering the huge storm last week. The El Ayudante campus and surrounding communities did not get any damage – just lot and lots of rain. The north coast was hit horrible and there’s been lots of bridges lost, roads swept away, and they say 1 million people affected by the storm. So many families have lost homes and all their possessions.

Please be in prayer for the country as they are all emotionally reeling from this hit. Pray for the officials of the country and those in charge of the disaster relief. Pray for those processing all their loss due to the storm. Pray for EA as we figure out how & where we can step in and help.”

Thank you for your continued prayers for this beautiful country and our brothers and sisters in Christ bringing hope to the people of Honduras.