At EAC your kids will enjoy an AWANA program that’s customized to give your kids a solid bibli-cal core and help develop quality relationships that will last throughout their high school career and even beyond.

The children are divided into three groups. The younger group is the Sparks (5 years old through 2nd grade) and the older kids are divided between Truth and Training boys and Truth and Training girls (3rd through 5th grades).

The kids rotate through three stations.

Story Time

The kids are introduced to biblical characters in creative and memorable ways. Discussions and active interaction help engrain the stories of pivotal Bible characters in the minds of the kids and prepare them for later biblical training that builds on this solid foundation.

The kids study one character at a time and at the end of the study they have a review time to ensure they know each biblical character well.

Memory Verses

Children’s’ minds are in the prime of their ability to memorize. We take advantage of this to help the kids memorize key verses they can call on at a moment’s notice. Throughout their lives they will use the verses they learn as children as they strive to resist the Evil One and remind them-selves to remain faithful to their Lord and Savior.

Each of the kids has a memory book they work through. They earn jewels along the way and when they’ve earned enough jewels they get a gift certificate to Chick-Fil-A.

Activity Time

As every parent knows, sitting still for long periods of time is just not in the cards for kids. Each week at AWANAs we have a fun, safe activity time that allows the kids the burn up some of that abundant energy, build relationships other kids, and just plain generate tons of laughter.

For more information about the EAC AWANA program, contact our youth minister Brad Barrick. Or just stop by any Wednesday night and check out the fun.