I Never Activity

These are the “I Never” statements for the family activity on Grace for the week of April 5, 2020
  • If a statement is true for a kid (or for you!), they do nothing.
  • If a statement is false for a kid (or for you!), they make a mark on the shirt.
  • Play along and make marks just like the kids as appropriate
  • DO NOT make kids feel ashamed about having to make a mark.
  • DO remind kids that everyone—yes, everyone—sins. Help kids to see that most of us have done each and every
  • one of these sins. And none of us have the power to make our hearts clean from our sins. But, God’s grace wins!

I Never Statements:

  1. I never ignored my parent or any other leader when they told me to do something.
  2. I never thought a mean thought about someone else.
  3. I never have yelled at my brother, sister, or any other friend
  4. I never have been jealous that someone else got more attention or compliments than me.
  5. I never sneaked a bite of something I wasn’t supposed to eat yet.
  6. I never stayed awake on purpose after my parents told me to go to sleep.
  7. I never told a single lie in my life.
  8. I never did something that was even a little bit rude to any one.
  9. I never stayed angry at someone after they apologized to me.
  10. I never complain.
  11. I never argued when my parents or other leaders expected me to follow a rule I don’t like.
  12. I never did something that I needed to apologize for later.
  13. I never took something that didn’t belong to me without asking.
  14. I never blamed something I did on someone else.
  15. I never said something bad about someone else behind their back.
  16. I never said a mean word to anyone.
  17. I never did something wrong just because everyone else was doing it.
  18. I never let someone else take the blame for something I did.
  19. I never threw my food away or hid it and told a grown up I ate it.
  20. I never skipped out on schoolwork just because I didn’t want to do it.