2022 Honduras Team Updates

Thank you for keeping tabs and praying for the team as we strive to reflect Jesus Christ in everything during our time in Honduras. We will try to post updates and prayer/praises here as we can, with the newest posts at the top (scroll down to read through previous/older posts). Love. Serve. Multiply!

On behalf of the whole team,
Brad Barrick

(* if you have an extreme emergency, please contact the office at Elizabethton Alliance Church to connect with a team member)


7:24PM –

AND we landed safely, back home in TN!

6:00PM –

We’ve all boarded our final flight. Next stop Tri-Cities!

3:10PM –

We’ve all boarded our flight. Next stop Charlotte!

12:45PM –

Everyone is through security check and now we are just hopefully awaiting of 1st flight to Charlotte at 3:23pm.

AM –

Thank you all for your prayers! We felt it sustain us during our whirlwind of travels yesterday. our flight from Honduras was delayed 4 hours so we did not make our connecting flight in Miami. Thus after much rearranging and airport adventures, the team was able to get to the hotel the airline provided for us along with dinner around 11:00pm yesterday evening. We are hopeful that our new flights will get us home at 7:30pm today!


6-12-2022 ~


We landed safely in Miami! Once we make it through Customs, we will have to see where the airlines is going to house us and what are flights will be tomorrow.

11:00am (CST):

Flights delayed, not arriving in Miami until at least 7:30pm (EST).  This means there is no chance of making our connecting flights going forward. Please PRAY as we navigate travel changes, etc. in or efforts to get back home.

10:20am (CST):

Everyone has been checked-in and cleared Customs. Apparently we will be waiting at our for the next 3 hours, as our flight has been delayed. This shouldn’t affect our ability to make our connecting flight in Miami, but prayers are appreciated!

Morning at EA

Today is bittersweet, it always is. After a full week of serving, working, laughing, crying, playing, growing, stretching and ministering together…we must say ‘Good-bye’ to our EA/Honduran family. However, we all look forward to seeing our own families & friends again. We are so very amazed at what we have been so privileged to witness God do in and through simple obedience. This the had been nothing but an absolute joy! PRAY as we travel today for good flights and connections, smooth re-entry through Customs & security, and energy to finish well! Our next post will be state-side Lord willing.



Since we stayed a little longer due to the pre-trip flight changes we had the bonus of helping EA host 300 youth (and youth leaders/parents) for a worship and seminar event on campus! They even asked Brianna to perform an expressive worship dance for the entire group.


All the team members are back and healthy except for one. That member is already showing signs of feeling better this evening. Today was split between work projects in the morning, and ministry time at the Learning Center in the afternoon. Half of the team worked on a concrete wall for a classroom at a local church. The other half completed the latrine project we had started at the beginning of the week.
In the afternoon we led a Bible lesson, craft time and a few games with 9 students at the Learning Center. We thoroughly appreciate the abundance of prayer which have been overwhelmingly felt and observed!


We started out the morning with all team members feeling better. The whole team was able to run VBS as planned, which was with the same group if kids as the previous day. It was another success and the kids were sad that it only lasted two days. Unfortunately, after we came back to campus for lunch and rest Brad took a turn and ended up back in bed due to sickness. The rest of the team was able to go up the mountain to lead some of El Ayudante’s scholarship students in games and a craft. Thanks to the incredible staff at EA, we were able to make that happen for them.

Please continue to pray for our team as we work through challenges. Prayers would be appreciated for healing, mainly for Brad, but also for the others who were sick as they are not 100% recovered. In addition, pray that those of us who are feeling well are able to keep up our energy and not be preoccupied by things we cannot control. That God’s will prevails over all the challenges and we will be focused on sharing his light, love and hope in Honduras.


Yesterday four of us woke up after going through the night with a major stomach issues. Three of us (Brad, Mary H. & Austin) were treated at the clinic wih IV’s due to dehydration and sent to the mission house for a day of bed rest. We all felt much better by yesterday eveing, however our stomachs still aren’t “playing nice.” The EA staff and clinic have been taking exceptional care of us. The remaining team membes (Brianna, Mary Catherine & Joe) along with random EA staff carried the load and led the VBS, Family Night and Children’s Church! Yes, they are amazing! PRAY those on the team affected by the stomach bug will fully recover quickly and that the others will stay healthy and with ample energy. Thank you for your on-going prayers!

With the help of the EA staff, we made adjustments to VBS and pulled it off. The kids had fun learning about Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, making crafts which signify new life in Christ, and playing games. We were then given extra time to rest before preping for Family Night and Children’s Church. During Family Night, the local families were able to learn Bible memory and trivia, then make a craft. The craft had the family name and values that they wish to pass down to create a stronger, more Christlike community. Then one of our team members (Joe) was able to share his testimony while two (Brianna and Mary Catherine) taught the children about Daniel in the lions den.


Today the team was blessed to be guests at the Linaje Church, the home church for several of the EA staff. We were honored and prayed for by Pastor Peter.

Afterwards we were able to experince an amazing lunch of local cuisine at a near by resturant followed by a trip up the mountain to a small cafe that over looked the entire Comayaqua valley. We then came back and were given a tour and the history of EA, it’s minitries and facilities. We wrapped up the day working on the finishing preparations for VBS later in the week. God has already blessed us, and we haven’t really started yet!

PRAY for us, as we hit the ground running tomorrrow with a full day of work projects.

6-4-2023 8:45pm (CST)

Made it smoothly through Customs & Immigration. Power has been out at EA until just now so we can post the update. Everything is great, but we’re all tired. Thank you all for continually lifts us up in prayer. It has been obvious!

4:30pm (CST)

We landed safely at Comayaqua! In line for Immigration Entry.

12:45pm (EST)

Taxiing out for take off!


We all have boarded our plane to Honduras!


Landed safely in Miami.


Just made it on to our connecting flight from Charlotte to Miami. 👍🏻


Flight delayed at Tri-Cities. Still sitting on the plane but haven’t taken off. Connection in Charlotte will be tight, if even possible.


Everyone made it throught TSA security with no issues. Waiting for our boarding.


Saturday, June 4th
• Meet at EAC at 4:00am
• Pick-up Joe & Mary by 4:20am
• Arrive at TRI by 5:00am(meet MC & Austin)
• Depart for Atlanta (ATL) at 7:05am

Flights – American Airlines:
AA5355 TRI to CLT 7:00am – 8:05am
AA373 CLT to MIA 9:00am – 11:01am
AA1531 MIA to XPL 12:25pm – 1:01pm

Sunday, June 12th
• Arrive at TRI at 11:37pm
• Claim luggage and depart for EAC around 12:00am
• Arrive at EAC around 12:45am Monday, June 13th

Flights – American Airlines:
AA1342 XPL to MIA 12:16pm – 4:45pm
AA1577 MIA to CLT 7:30pm – 9:40pm
AA5339 CLT to TRI 10:40pm – 11:46pm

Our tentative week schedule can be found HERE

♦ Friends/family can track our flights on sites like www.flightaware.com or www.flightview.com and their respective apps on iOS or Android.