Honduras Hurricane Relief

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What it is:

The country of Honduras has recently been devastated by two Category 4 hurricanes. First was hurricane Eta, which hit Honduras on November 4th, and the second, hurricane Iota, came to Honduras two weeks later. Between these two storms, millions of people have been affected, and Honduras has lost millions of dollars worth of basic materials. In response to this, El Ayudante, our partners in Honduras, have created a 2-phase hurricane relief plan. The first phase is to provide food and mattresses for displaced families. There are currently 3 schools being used as shelters in El Ayudante’s zone, consisting of roughly 153 people. Phase two is to help families rebuild their lives by cleaning houses, and providing families with basic needs so that they can restart their lives.

Posted by El Ayudante Honduras on Wednesday, December 9, 2020


How Can We Help?

First and foremost, we can help El Ayudante by praying for God to provide funds and support needed to carry out their relief plans. During Phase 1, El Ayudante’s request is quite simple. Their only need is for donations. These donations can be any amount and will be used to buy food and mattresses for displaced families. El Ayudante plans to “adopt” families as Phase 2 of relief efforts. They have calculated that it will cost $750 to clean out one house, and provide one family with the basic necessities to restart their life. 

If you choose to donate funds to the relief effort, you may follow the below link to donate directly on their website. Make sure to select Hurricane Relief as the donation type. 


Or a check can be mailed to El Ayudante Missions USA Inc PO Box 154 Rodeo CA 94572. With the memo: Hurricane. 

Thank you!