Honduras 2021

Going Beyond

“…the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news! Romans 10:13-17

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We are very excited that this June 5th – 12th, our team of 4 from EAC are traveling to Comayagua, Honduras to continue our “on-location” partnership with El Ayudante Honduras. This year will be very different than any of the previous years in many ways. Due to the government COVID restrictions El Ayudante is not allowed to facilitate “ministry” events like VBS, Family Nights, etc. so all focus is on community enrichment projects like installing water filters, refurbishing water filters, building gardens, installing latrines, building retaining walls, partially constructing adobe house and projects like these. We would covet you being a part of our team by praying as we prepare and are on the trip. Below are some specific suggestions.

Prayer Requests:

  • Once we reach the airport in Honduras there is a chance that we will not be allowed into the country and will be sent home unless restrictions have lessened between now and then. Pray that our whole team is allowed entry!
  • The team at El Ayudante has had a long and exhausting year, pray that we would be encouraging and uplifting to them as we work alongside each other. We will also be preparing care packages for the team as an extra ounce of encouragement.
  • Pray that we can truly be a light to the people of Honduras. They not only went through COVID-19 last year, but also two back-to-back hurricanes which destroyed many homes. An initiative to make these homes livable again is being made by the year-round El Ayudante team but we know that true hope in trying times is found only in Christ Jesus and we plan to share that with the locals as we work with them.
  • Being a smaller team of “only” four, this will be a demanding trip for each of us physically, mentally and spiritually. Pray that we prepare well, know our limits, trust in God’s strength/plan and very importantly…possess a deep unity through the Spirit. Unity first among our team of four as well as with the EA team while we prepare and serve alongside them.
  • There will be two other pairs of people from the States that will be joining our team to serve alongside us during the week. Pray we will all be united through the Spirit to allow God to accomplish all He has planned in and through us
  • Pray that God will give each of us appropriate boldness to live and speak truth to all those we encounter during the entire process. From training and preparation, to travel, to the actual week we’re on the ground in the country, pray we reflect Christ and His character & priorities in everything.
  • Pray the God will quickly supplies all the finances and supplies we need in order to fulfill the vision of El Ayudante for our designated week. (Each member needs about $2,000 total)