Refugee Resettlement

We, the members and friends of Elizabethton Alliance Church, in Elizabethton, TN, have partnered with government and non-government entities to form a network of volunteers to assist an Afghan family of four that arrived in early November, 2022, in the Johnson City, TN.

As you can imagine, the establishing of a new home in a foreign land can be very intimidating, so our goal has been to help our Afghan friends become culturally oriented to life in the USA and assist them as they become thriving, self-supporting citizens.

Long before their arrival, we are preparing to assist them in the several areas, including the following:

  • Housing
  • Learning English as a second language
  • Employment
  • Cultural Orienation
  • Financial Management
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Social & Legal Services
  • Basic Necessities

The family who came consisted of a young widow with her three young sons.  Once she got settled in and required paperwork completed, the two older boys were enrolled in school. Medical attention was given to each member of the family, including dental, until all were cared for physically.  Next on the agenda was getting Karima, the young mother’s name, mobile so as a vehicle was donated, she was given driving lessons until she passed the driver’s test and received her license.  The next step was for her to become employed so that she could meet the financial needs of her family.  She is working at Head Start and enjoys her job.  In order to help her become more qualified for employment, she was enrolled in an ESL class where she continues her English language study.  Her sister, Som, has now joined her and is living with her and helping with the boys’ child care, not to mentioned much needed companionship with Karima.  Our next step is that she would become financially independent, so we are working to help her establish a budget that is realistic.  Her brother-in-law and family have also recently moved here, so this is a good addition to the friendships that have been developed with her by our own team.

How You Can Help

Please pray for Karima and family as they adjust to the culture, climate, language, foods, and germs that are specific to our area as opposed to the one from which she comes.  Pray also that our team would be able to build her trust so that we can speak truth to her as the Lord opens those opportunities

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Click here to give online to the Refugee Resettlement Fund to assist in helping this family. Or, if you prefer to give by check, please send to:

Elizabethton Alliance Church
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attn: Refugee Resettlement

Contact Us

For additional information, you can contact a member of the Resettlement team at Elizabethton Alliance Church via email to: eacafghan<at>